Electric Flowchart

Learn how electricity gets to your home

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    This is the proceess where electricity is generated. Numerous techniques, including the burning of fossil fuels, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, wind power, and solar electricity, can be used to achieve this.

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    "Power transmission lines" are the wires that carry electricity from a power plant to a substation. High voltage transmission is used to deliver significant amounts of the electricity produced at distant power plants to consuming areas.

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    Substations are the structures that carry out tasks along the transmission line like voltage step-up/step-down and frequency adjustment. Before being transported to our consumers' locations, the high-voltage electricity transmitted from power plants is gradually reduced in steps at substations.

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    Using electrical wires referred to as "distribution lines," electricity sent from power plants travels via substations before being finally delivered to our consumers. Our customers get an adequate voltage and steady supply of electricity.